ABSTRACTION NOW! Kuenstlerhaus Wien


The exhibition presents novel methods and tendencies of abstract contemporary art, focussed on audio-visual media and interdisciplinary aspects. Abstraction, a concept over-strained in art theory and rarely used in the current discourse, shall be understood as a common denominator of all art disciplines involved within, thus demonstrating historical interrelations scarecely noticed by the public. ABSTRACTION NOW is not a pure exhibition of Media Art; more "classic" art disciplines such as painting, sculpturing, photography etc. are treated equally provided that they represent innovative positions.

The exhibition has been given consciously a title as pointed as ABSTRACTION NOW: the term "abstraction" here is understood to sum up non-representative, non-figurative, constructivist/concrete or minimalist tendencies. All sorts of gesture-based, lyrical or expressive abstraction is not considered for large parts.

The phenomenon of the non-mimetic is questioned anew at the beginning of the 21st century driven by a young artists' generation with respect to its validity with the help of all available means of expression. This broad spectra of different conceptual and media based formulations of abstraction is exhibited in order to indicate effectively the powerful and comprehensive character of this current tendency. A separating categorization by means of the used media would not live up to a modern art practice and art presentation.

A further focus is put on the comparison of Austrian with international artists, foremost presenting a young generation. One of the main tasks of the exhibition is to indicate how image based artistic strategies have modified and expanded with the help of the new media, which specific logic is inherent in them and with what consequence they are put into action. In this context, the process-related aspect in the abstract creation is of special interest.

In the Künstlerhaus-Kino about thirty contemporary non-figurative video works will be presented during business hours. In the media lounge also about thirty computer-based works on CD-Rom and DVD as well as selected internet projects will be featured. On the ground floor of the Künstlerhaus contemporary abstract painting, sculpture, photography, graphics as well as video- and computer installations are exhibited.